The Kitchen Day Planner
Designed to help you plan for and enjoy "Kitchen Day"

I first discovered the idea of Kitchen Day while reading Kim Brenneman's fabulous book, Large Family Logistics.  This book is inspiring and I sincerely wish I could have had it from the very beginning.  It gives such practical advice for the modern housewife and stay at home mom!  Although Kitchen Day is not a new concept (even Mrs. Brenneman points to the days of our grandmothers for the idea) it is one that make sense for those of us who have so much to juggle and still want our families to eat healthy, homemade foods on a daily basis.  

How does it work?  Each week we set aside a day to work in our kitchen.  Meals are prepared, treats baked and stored and in the end your kitchen is clean and ready for dinner.  Sound too good to be true?  Well, it does require a bit of work, but is so very rewarding!  Your home will be filled with delicious smells and healthy food for your family to enjoy.  Want to see how it's done?  Get a few ideas or recipes?  Need help getting started?  Welcome to the Kitchen Day Planner.